Green Policy and Social Responsibility Statement

At Adore Scotland, we have placed eco-friendly values at the core of our business. We believe that local and international travel provide some of the most enriching experiences possible. Whereas it is easy for these experiences to be detrimental to the environment we are exploring as tourists, we strive to make sure that all that is left behind by our tourism business and guests are footprints. Not large carbon footprints, but footprints in sand. We have information readily available to guests to raise awareness of their environmental impact whilst staying with us, and ways in which to reduce this impact. We are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism and are continuously improving our management and usage of water and energy.


How we reduce our environmental impact:

  • We prioritize the use of non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning products to ensure the health and well-being of our guests and the environment.
  • We strive to reduce our water usage through water-saving technologies and encourage guests to conserve water during their stay.
  • We are dedicated to using renewable energy sources and minimizing our energy consumption through energy-efficient appliances and lighting.
  • Our waste management system is designed to minimize waste generation, encourage recycling, and reduce landfill contribution.
  • We monitor and reduce our carbon footprint through eco-friendly transportation options and offsetting our emissions. Since 2019, our entire team has only used public transport to commute to work.
  • We encourage our owners to undertake sustainable grass and woodland management, where applicable.
  • We have asked all of our owners to replace all lightbulbs with energy-saving lightbulbs by 2023.
  • We undertake volunteering in areas such as gardening to ensure suistanable grass and woodland management.
  • We look for all suppliers and contractor to meet or exceed our environmental standards.
  • We work with local chefs and restaurants who provide seasonal menus, with locally sourced food and drink where possible, reducing our food miles.
  • We are encouraging the installation of EV charging points, encouraging guests to use electric vehicles.
  • We aim to constantly reduce our carbon footprint by monitoring our emissions and controlling our usage of light, heat, energy, and power.
  • We donate to local charities and are heavily involved in the local community.  We aim to engage with and donate to one more local charity by the end of 2023.
  • We provide guests with information on local projects and campaigns, and encourage them to support local.
  • We regularly ask guests for feedback about green issues, and how they feel we could improve the information we provide.


Carbon Management Plan

 Here are the steps that we take to manage and reduce our carbon footprint:

  1. Communication with guests: we communicate with guests before their stay, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and offering suggestions on how they can reduce their carbon footprint while on vacation.
  2. Encourage responsible travel: we encourage guests to travel responsibly by using public transportation or renting bikes and suggest local activities that promote sustainability.
  3. Promote sustainable choices: we use eco-friendly cleaning products, provide recycling bins and encourage guests to reuse towels and linens to minimize waste.
  4. Monitor, Evaluate and Improve: we monitor the implementation of this carbon management plan and regularly review its effectiveness to identify areas for improvement.


Sustainable Procurement Policy

Adore Scotland is committed to sustainable procurement practices to minimize our environmental impact and promote the well-being of our community. By committing to sustainable procurement practices, we strive to create a better future for our business, our community, and the planet. Our policy includes the following:

  1. Supplier selection: We prioritize purchasing goods and services from suppliers with environmentally friendly practices and who share our commitment to sustainability.
  2. Environmental impact: We consider the environmental impact of our purchases, including energy consumption, packaging, and transportation. We aim to reduce waste and emissions by choosing products with the lowest ecological footprint.
  3. Social responsibility: We ensure that our suppliers maintain ethical business practices, including fair labour standards and social responsibility. We also make a particular effort to source locally, and support Scottish suppliers where possible.
  4. Life-cycle assessment: We take into account the entire life-cycle of products, from sourcing to disposal, to make the most sustainable purchasing decisions.
  5. Continuous improvement: We regularly review our procurement policies and practices to improve our sustainability performance.



Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At Adore Scotland, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. We have an equal opportunities policy and an anti-discrimination policy in place, and staff have up-to-dat training on implementing these policies and dealing with situations regarding equality, diversity, and inclusion. We believe that understanding the different perspectives of our team, as well as of our guests, owners and suppliers, is critical to the wellbeing of not only our business, but also our local community. We strive to create an environment in which everyone feels valued, included, and empowered. Our Directing Manager is one of the founding members of Women in Tourism. As such, promoting equality and opportunity for all employees really is at the heart of our culture.